Muurikka Griddle Pan

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The original Muurikka Griddle Pan is a true Scandinavian classic. We supply two sizes 48cm diameter weighing 5.4kg and 78cm diameter weighing 11.8kg 

There is something special about outdoor cooking. If you’re a lover of BBQ cooking over a campfire with as little equipment and fuss as possible then our Muurikka Griddle pan is designed for you.

The Muurikka Griddle Pan is made out of hot rolled steel designed for strength and longevity.   It comes with high quality removable steel legs for easy placement over an open fire, various grills including BBQ's, BBQ gas burners and electric grills.

You can prepare all dishes from appetisers to desserts while locking in all the moisture.

Inspired Camping on the Muurikka Griddle Pan

Not So Good Bits… We really can’t think of any. We love this product and will definitely be packing it for every campsite trip where open fires are allowed.

This is our new favourite product at the moment and comes with a well deserved 5 stars from us.

Our Muurikka recipe book has a great selection of recipes.